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Magnetic / snap to grid for resizing objects.

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When resizing objects, there is no magnetic / snap to grid effect occuring.

The following video shows the problem when resizing objects.  It compares Illustrator's behavior with that of yEd.


This is a more formal, better formulated request which derives from http://yed.yworks.com/aasupport/qa/4680/can-the-grid-be-magnetic

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I agree, this would be a really useful option.
I agree. I am used to such behavior from other apps. This is far more convenient than entering the size in properties.
I agrree, this would be really useful
I agree.

However instead of making a node's border snap to a gridline, I would make the size snap to the next unit of grid spacing. So a node's size could easily be maintained in units of grid spacing regardless of center position. Then you can move the center magnetically to the desired position.

Because aside from changing node text, the reason for resizing a node is mostly to make room for more othogonal connectors on one of its sides, which are spaced by grid increments already.

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I miss this feature every time I use yEd.

Entering the size manually is really annoying.
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I agree, not being able to conveniently resize elements on the fly really breaks the work flow.
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