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Magnetic / snap to grid for resizing objects.

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When resizing objects, there is no magnetic / snap to grid effect occuring.

The following video shows the problem when resizing objects.  It compares Illustrator's behavior with that of yEd.


This is a more formal, better formulated request which derives from http://yed.yworks.com/aasupport/qa/4680/can-the-grid-be-magnetic

asked May 6, 2016 in Feature Requests by deragon (330 points)
I agree, this would be a really useful option.
I agree. I am used to such behavior from other apps. This is far more convenient than entering the size in properties.
I agrree, this would be really useful

2 Answers

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I miss this feature every time I use yEd.

Entering the size manually is really annoying.
answered Feb 10, 2017 by marrtn (160 points)
0 votes
I agree, not being able to conveniently resize elements on the fly really breaks the work flow.
answered Oct 28 by cyNickalCyn (160 points)
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