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How do I edit keyboard shortcuts?

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I'm using yEd on a PC with Windows 7 installed. My keyboard mapping (Latin-2, ISO-8859-2, Hungarian) conflicts with the default layout of yEd.

I'd like to frequently use the "]" character, mapped under <AltGr> + <G>, which currently overrides to "Create Group". This is very uncomfortable since I'm making program drafts in yEd, and my precious arrays require that glyph.

Currently, the only options I have are either switching to English layout (which isn't printed on my keyboard and which I'm not familiar with), or do it the clunky way with rude copypasta.

So, I would like to ask how and where I could modify the keyboard layout, or if you planned to implement such feature for preferences in the future?
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We haven't been aware of this problem. Currently, there is no way to change the keyboard shortcuts. I created an error report for this problem in our internal bug tracker.
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Any news on this? I have a hotkey conflict as well, except that it affects Ungroup All (Alt + Control + A) resulting in removal of the node and sometimes in a java.lang.NullPointerException when I try to undo. I've sent the error report from yEd.
I have the same problem (I need Alt+Cntr + G for "]")
Improve yEd on non-QWERTY keyboards
Same problem here. 4 years later. Four years and not an option to change shortcuts or just simply disable them. Really? Really I have to change my keyboard layout to use this program?
Very useful program otherwise, but this is ridiculous.
Cannot make "ó" cause of Alt+o hotkey :(
I have huge issue with NumPad keys, I use a lot of numbers in my graphs (networking graphs) and thus use NumPad a lot with the "/" and "-" and "+" being defaults for zoom tool / zoom out / zoom in, while I simply want to enter the +/-/slash characters. It's simply terrible design, although the tool itself is great for quick graphs. But I have to cover numpad with piece of paper, otherwise I keep zooming in/out which keeps exiting my label fields, etc etc. A big annoyance.
Is there going to be solution? I have problem with "ł" which is mapped to Right Atl + l (or Alt + Ctrl + l).
I would also love to customize the keyboard shortcuts in order to optimize my workflow. Please consider it as a feature or let me know how I could contribute.
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