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Performance : CPU / Memory usage

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Hi there,

when you have big diagrams opened in different tabs (windows) than yED starts requiring (as I see it in the Windows task control) huge amount of RAM memory. (e.g. 500MB). This is probably the reason for the delay of 1-2 seconds between switching from one tab to the other (by switching CPU usage goes almost to the maximum).

Maybe there is a possibility to rearrange internal usage of ressources ?

Best regards,
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Yep, I recently encountered this issue as well. Not too problematic, but quite annoying if you have to switch between tabs often...
Well, the solution is restarting yEd.

I could only guess, what is the reason. Since it is written in Java, the garbage collector should handle the memory issues. Howeve, it might be that, after wokring and not closing yEd for lots of working hours, the Undo-History becomes huge, and this causes problems.

But this is just a wild guess.
You can reduce the number of undo steps that are kept in the undo history if you want to test your assumption. To do so, go to "File" -> "Preferences", tab "General" and specify a small value as "Number of Steps of "Undo'".
Me too, I have performance problems with yEd and big diagrams (even with only 1 tab) at least when other programs with big memory usage are running at the same time. Especially adding new edges is very slow (it takes several seconds).

yEd uses about 270MB RAM with a diagram of size 300kB (zipped as graphmlz).

Technical data of my notebook: Intel i5-2520M 2,5GHz, 3GB RAM

It would be fine if yEd could handle even larger diagrams without impairment of performance.


Update 2013-03-11:

Interestingly, yEd's speed/performance increases significantly after editing the (same!) diagram/file for a while. No more tea breaks after copying or escaping nodes!
Perhaps this helps to analyze the problem and to solve it.
I am wondering if it is what has just happened to me.

I thought my issue was different: it slowed down after I activated a new feature (One-click Layout). Consequently, I assumed correlation between new feature and slow-down identified the new feature as the cause of slow-down.

However, by reading your description, it seems my problem matches yours, hence it obviously pre-dates the new feature.

I will keep you updated as soon as I get to know if my problem is really like yours or is feature-related.
I ran into the same issue, a few very simple flowcharts take 558M memory, that cannot be the case. There must be something done to help with it.

Can you upload your flowchart diagram here so we can analyze it? Please do so only if the diagram does not contain any sensitive data.
See How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on uploading files.

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