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What you see is what you print out ?

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Hallo there,

suppose you have modelled a big, complex diagram, which could be readable on paper only in A3, or even only in A2 etc. format.

Right now, neither the export, not the printing utility would support me to print a diagram in such a way, that I can read it on paper (even on a computer its blurred).

My suggestion is about a feature like: What you see, is what you print out. A scaling feature which allows to print on paper in a readible manner.

Best regards,
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1 Answer

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This is already supported in yEd:

  1. Using the default settings for printing, the whole diagram is scaled to fit your paper.
  2. By choosing "View Only" as "Clip Area", the visible portion of the diagram is printed.  (Again, this is done in such a way that the printed portion of the diagram fits your paper.)
  3. If you have a diagram, that would require A3, A2, etc, but you can only print on e.g. A4, then use the "Poster Rows" and "Poster Columns" settings to split your diagram over several A4 pages. (E.g. for A3 you would require 2 poster rows, 1 poster column and landscape printing.)

To explicitly specify a paper size, open the print preview ("File" -> "Print Preview")

then click "Page" and enter the desired size and margin.


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Thanks for the copy&pasting, but the question was printing to A2, A3 (and not to A4), so that the diagram is well readible.

I created a PDF in A3 with the export, as well as printing over PDF driver, and the text was blurred. I didnt want to test it on paper, provided the electronic copy didnt seem quite well.
Only approach 3. above is related to printing on A4, approaches 1. and 2. work for *all* paper sizes.

What do you mean with blurred? It is really difficult to help with such problems without *seeing* the problem. Please upload the GraphML of your diagram as well as your PDF so we are able to understand the problem.

And what do you mean with copy&pasting?
Well, I tried to reproduce the above case w/o success. You can close this issue. If I bump into it again, I will let you know.
Ok, I have a slightly different problem, but connected one:

I have a diagram, and want to print it out in A3.

If I dont do anything, it is printed as if it was A4, and the rest of the A3 is wasted.

If I try to scale in the window, and put a scaling factor lets say 1,5, than it starts printing a lot of A3 sheets with parts of the diagram ...

So, how is it thought actually printig on a full scale bigger paper formats like A3, A2 etc. ?
Im still having problem with scaling to bigger than A4 formats
The reason in my case was, that the textbox from the title of my swimlane was so big.
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