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Container - DoubleClick - Open new file ?

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is it possible to define a property for a given symbol /  container (e.g. in flow charts : predefined process), which allows by doble-cllicking to open a new file. The idea is of modularizing a graph, i.e. having one block visible, which contains multiple references. (e.g. modelling packages etc.)

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No, but you can specify a path to another GraphML file in the container node's URL property (see the property grid after selecting the node). After selecting a node with such an URL, pressing F8 will open the referenced GraphML.
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Is it hard to implement such double-clicking option ? (Opening a new tab window with a sub-package)
Well, yes. For group nodes this would conflict with the current "view group content" on double-click behavior. What's so bad about having to press F8?
F8 ist not so bad, but also not so good.

Whad do you mean with "conflict", could you give more details what do you mean ?
A double-click already does something. You are requesting that double-click does something else. Obviously, double-click should *not* do two things at once. Therefore, your request conflicts with existing behavior.

You did not explain *why* you think F8 is bad. Just your opinion/preference or do you have some impartial points against F8?
Double-click now, as it is, lets me type in text for the form property.

As I already said, F8 ist not bad, but is not good in terms of its keyboard shortcut. Additionally, if not with double-click, than at least in context menu (right-click-> go to URL) should also be there as a possibility for mouse browsing.

Apropos browsing. If F8 leads to a URL, is it possible to make dynamic history, i.e. navigating back. For instance, with F9 I go back to the file, from which F8 was called ?
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