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Crashing after updating to Win 10 Creators Update

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after updating my Win 10 to V 1703 Build 15063.138 yEd Ver 3.17 can't execute the file open command anymore. System crashes when trying.



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Does "system" mean your operating system or the yEd application? In the latter case, is there an error dialog with an error message? If so, what does the error message say?

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According to JDK-8179014 - JFileChooser with Windows look and feel crashes on win 10, crashes due to "God Mode" (i.e. using file system folders as junction points of namespace extensions) are caused by Java's Windows look and feel. Thus it is possible to prevent these crashes by forcing yEd to use another look and feel.

This may be done by either ...

  • ... adding -J-Dyed.laf=crossplatform to the 'Target' field in the properties dialog of the yEd desktop shortcut (similar to the instructions given for adding -J-Xmx768m in How can I prevent 'Out of Memory' errors in yEd?) or ...
  • ... adding -Dyed.laf=crossplatform as a JVM option when starting yEd from command line.
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Thanks Thomas. This successfully works around the problem for me :)

Glad I was instrumental in discovering it. I just didn't know how to launch yEd with the parameter.
Fixed as of yEd 3.17.1 - i.e. it is no longer necessary to change yEd's look and feel.
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Crashing confirmed
W10 Creators Update 64bit
Running as User
Apr 21, 2017 6:27:33 PM java.util.prefs.WindowsPreferences <init>
WARNUNG: Could not open/create prefs root node Software\JavaSoft\Prefs at root 0x80000002. Windows RegCreateKeyEx(...) returned error code 5.
Running as Admin with no chrashes..
The above message is printed on the console/command line with no adverse effects with older versions of yEd and Windows as well. Does it really *crash* yEd or your operating system now? I mean "crash" as in "it affects/hangs/stops yEd/your operating system in such a that you are no longer able to continue working with yEd/your operating system". In short, what does happen after the above message is printed?
The App disappears when trying to Open, Save or Save as or export from within yED.
Seems that all access to the filesystem causes to close yED.

I can open a graphml from explorer when this extension is registered with yED
Saving will crash

when running as with admin rights everything is ok (but no real solution i guess)

i have installed in a directory out of the programm-folder (d:\tools\yED\.. ) .. this message is located there after yED ended as decribed above
yED ends when accessing open,save, ..
Windows10 Creators Update 64bit Pro runing yED in Useraccount.

all ok when running on Windows10 Creators Update 64bit Home  

yED beendet sich wenn irgendein SpeicherDialog angetippt wird.
beobachtet auf windows10 1703  64 Pro (ich hab den Effekt mit allen Versionen,64 und 32 bit mit und ohne inkluciertem JavaPaket)

auf W10 1703 Home ist alles normal

ich hoffe die Info hilft ein wenig weiter.

auf demselben rechner mit einem frischen account taucht der Fehler nicht auf

auf einem anderen Rechner (auch 64bit Woin Creators Update) auch ncith

hat wohl irgendwas mit dem Profil zu tun.
Lösung ! Ich hatte auf dem Desktop einen Ordner zu den normalerweile versteckten Einstellungsübersicht der Systemsteuerung liegen. sog. GodMode. ein ordner mit dem Namen GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}, wobei Godmode auch anders heissen darf.
In 1703 wird der ohne Dateinamen angezeigt. und genau das bringt yed dazu den filedialog abzubrechen (Die FileDialogBox durchsucht die dort angegebenen Pfade nebst Dateiein und lässt yED abschmieren wenn es auf eine Datei ohne Namen trifft)

Den GodMode kann man auch als Verknüpfung anlegen und die behält den Namen

weiteres zum Godmode hier
Vielen Dank für Ihre Mühe beim Ergründen dieses Problems. Wir wissen das sehr zu schätzen. Aufgrund Ihrer Analyse ist aber auch klar, dass das Problem in der Java Bibliothek liegt - der Dateiauswahldialog und dessen Aufbau wird nämlich von Java bereitgestellt. Leider bedeutet das, dass wir dies nicht in yEd beheben können sondern Oracle entsprechende Verbesserungen in Java einbauen muss.


Thank you very much for your efforts in determining the cause of this problem. We do appreciate that very much. However, you analysis shows that the cause lies with the Java framework library which is responsible for providing and populating the file chooser dialog. Unfortunately, this means the problem cannot be fixed in yEd but has to be fixed in the Java framework library by Oracle.
Ein diesbezüglicher Hinweis in der Hilfe oder während der Installation wäre aber brauchbar.
tja , java *sigh* :)
Running yEd 3.17, after Win10 creators update even running yEd as administrator doesn't stop it from crashing when using File>Open, or File>Export functions.
So this answer apparently isn't a 100% work around.

Also happens when trying to change an items image by right clicking it and selecting Properties>SVG and clicking the button to browse for another SVG. Causes yEd to crash too.
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Apparently it's a Java specific problem. Specifically an issue with Java programs configured to use a windows gui "look and feel".

If anyone knows how to tell yEd to revert to "java" or "nimbus" look and feel (as a temporary work around) it would be appreciated.

Pertinent reference links:





Some have reported the issue doesn't occur on fresh Win10 (1703 build) installs. Only on systems that have upgraded to 1703.

Some have tried uninstalling java and re-installing but allegedly doesn't solve the issue either.
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Thank you very much for the reference links.
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