This dialog provides an interface for conveniently using the IconFinder icon search engine
from within yEd.
It allows to easily import symbols into user-created palette sections.
Importing symbols in this manner requires a live Internet connection, since the
icon search engine is hosted on http://www.iconfinder.com.

You can open the IconFinder dialog via the Palette Manager dialog,
respectively via the context menu of the palette
that provides convenient access to most of the palette manager’s functions.
The context menu contains the menu entry “IconFinder…” for user-created palette

Using the IconFinder Icon Search Engine

An icon search can be initiated by entering search terms into the text field at
the top of the dialog and then clicking the Search button.
The icon search can be further refined by using the slider below the search text
field to specify the maximum size of the icons that shall be returned.


Entering “car” as the search term, moving the slider to “64”, and then clicking
the Search button yields the following initial icons in return.

The resulting icons of an icon search are presented within a scrollable pane in
the middle of the dialog.
(Note that it might be necessary to increase the size of the dialog in order for
the scrollable pane to provide enough space to see any icons.)

The More button below the scrollable pane can be used to get additional
icons that match the specified search term(s) and maximum size.

Selecting Icons

Selecting icons in the scrollable pane, so that they can be added to the contents
of a palette section later on, is supported in several ways:
a single icon can be selected by left-clicking on it, all icons can be selected
by hitting CTRL-A [Mac OS: Command-A].
An existing selection of icons can be altered by CTRL-clicking [Mac OS: Command-clicking]
icons, which adds/removes a single icon, or by SHIFT-clicking an icon, which defines
a new start/end of a range of icons.

Adding Icons to Palette Sections

The combo box at the bottom of the dialog can be used to choose a user-created palette
section where the selected icons from the scrollable pane shall be added to.
Clicking the Import Symbols button then adds these icons to the section’s
existing contents.

Information About Icons

The area below the scrollable pane presents information about a selected icon:

Name of the author of the selected icon.
The name is a link that when clicked opens in your web browser.
Type of license that applies to the selected icon.
Can be a link that when clicked opens in your web browser.
Icon Set
The icon set that the selected icon belongs to (if any).
Can be clicked and then initiates a new search to get all icons of the icon
A list of tags that are associated with the selected icon.
A tag in the list can be clicked, which then initiates a new search that uses
the tag as the new search term.