The Tools menu provides access to a wealth of useful tools that can be used to gain information about the currently edited document, modify the document both visually and structurally, and create all-new graph documents from scratch.

Creating Graphs

The ‘Create Graph’ submenu contains tools that create new graphs from scratch.


Creates a rectangular grid of nodes that is interconnected by edges.


Creates a randomized tree graph given the number of nodes, maximum depth, and maximum child count.


Creates a randomized planar graph. The result will be presented as a planar straight-line drawing.


Creates a number of nodes and edges whose structure and position is randomized.


This tool can be used to define constraints for edge ends.

Port Constraints

Allows you to fix an edge’s end to a specific side at the respective node or even to explicit coordinates relative to the node’s center.

Edge Grouping

Defines groups of edge ends that are bundled to start at the same coordinates at their respective node.

Select Elements

This tool can be used to select nodes, edges and bends by specifying various criteria. A dialog as described in The Find Dialog will be displayed. Finally, the resulting matches will all be selected.

Analyze Graph

Various tests and calculations on the graph structure are performed by this tool. The results will be displayed in an information window.

Centrality Measures

Provides various measures for determining the relative importance of nodes within the graph structure. The results can be displayed in several ways.

Colorize Graph

This tool can be useful when complex graph structures must be visualized. It can automatically assign different randomized colors to nodes. Outgoing edges will be assigned the same color as their source nodes. By this, one can easily find the source node for a given edge.

Reverse Selected Edges

This tool reverses all selected edges, i.e. the source and target nodes of these edges will be swapped.

Layout Parallel Edges

This tool reroutes edges that have the same terminal nodes. These edges will be laid out so that their edge paths run in parallel.

Transform Graph

This utility can be used to layout parts of a graph manually. It provides methods for mirroring, rotating and scaling graph parts.

Snap To Grid

This tool is capable of snapping nodes and bends to the grid. The grid can be specified in The Preferences Dialog.

Fit Node to Label

Resizes the selected nodes, so that the node label is fully contained in the bounds of the node.

Fit Label to Node

Modifies the label of each selected node to make it fit the bounding box of its node. The size adjustment of the label can be achieved by changing the font size and/or introducing line breaks at appropriate positions.


Creates an anonymous copy of the current diagram by removing images, graphics, and label texts.