Key Bindings and Mouse Interaction

Key Bindings and Shortcut Keys

In addition to the menu shortcuts seen in the menus themselves there are further
convenient key bindings defined to directly invoke certain actions.

Editor Shortcuts

Cursor Keys
Using the cursor keys it is possible to change the current node selection.

Starting at a selected node the selection can be “navigated” to adjacent nodes
from either direction.
Cursor Keys + ALT
Using the cursor keys while pressing the ALT key it is possible to change
the current edge selection.

Starting at a selected edge the selection can be “navigated” clockwise or
counter-clockwise to one of the adjacent edges around a node.

Overview Shortcuts

Cursor Keys
Using the cursor keys it is possible to move the area shown in the drawing

Structure View Shortcuts

The following shortcuts are available in the Search field of the Structure View, if it has the focus.

Clears the Search field.
Selects the next matching entry for the prefix in the Search field.

Mouse Interaction

Besides the “normal” gestures possible within the drawing canvas, like, e.g.,
creating a node with a simple mouse-click, direct control of canvas features
is also provided.

Mouse Wheel Zooming

Using the mouse wheel it is possible to zoom in and out of the drawing canvas.
By default, the canvas’s area is centered at the current mouse position.

Moving the Viewport (Panning)

The current viewport (the visible diagram area) of the editor window can be changed
by right-dragging the mouse around. The viewport will follow the mouse.

If you switched to Navigation Mode,
then you can also move the viewport with the left mouse button.

Advanced Editing

Additional keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures are described in section
Edit Mode.