Editor Windows

The yEd graph editor is a sophisticated tool that allows to conveniently create
and analyze graphs and graph-like structures.

Graphs can be simultaneously displayed and edited in multiple so-called editor
For each graph an editor window of its own is opened which is shown central
in yEd’s application window.

Working with Editor Windows

Each editor window has a tab that shows the filename of the displayed graph.
By clicking on the tab, the editor window becomes the active editor window.

(The same effect can be achieved using the ‘Editors’ menu entry from the ‘Windows’

Also accessible via the tab is the context menu of an editor window, which,
for example, allows to arrange multiple editor windows both side by side or
below each other.

Editor Window Modes

Editor windows (also called ‘editors’) provide an easy-to-use interface that
supports different use-cases when working with a graph.
There are two modes available to determine the editor’s behavior:

  • the so-called Edit Mode supports creation of a graph
    and its elements and allows all kinds of modifications to them
  • Navigation Mode in contrast, prevents any modification
    to a graph, but instead provides convenient navigation means

Either of these modes can be activated from the tool bar and the menu bar.
When yEd starts up, it is in Edit Mode by default.