Auto Alignment

This tool places the nodes of the given layout on automatically determined horizontal and/or vertical lines. It can be used to automatically snap nodes to the same x- or y-coordinates to obtain a grid-like structure. When rearranging the layout, it moves the nodes as little as possible.

Alignment Policy

Specifies the axis, parallel to which the nodes are aligned by the algorithm.

Snap Both
Specifies that nodes are aligned both horizontally and vertically.
Snap Horizontally
Specifies that nodes are aligned horizontally.
Snap Vertically
Specifies that nodes are aligned vertically.

Minimum Node Distance

Specifies the minimum horizontal and vertical distance between two nodes.

Maximum Snapping Distance

Specifies the maximum distance between two nodes that can be aligned on the same line. The distance is measured between the centers of the nodes in the input layout. Further, for vertical alignment it refers to the horizontal distance between the nodes and for horizontal alignment it refers to the vertical distance between the nodes.

Separate Stripes

Specifies whether nodes are placed in strictly separated rows and strictly separated columns.

Consider Node Labels

Specifies whether node labels are taken into account when snapping nodes on common lines.

Grid Spacing

Specifies the distance between two adjacent grid lines to which the nodes can be snapped or zero if nodes are aligned on an irregular grid.