Organic Edge Router

This algorithm routes edges organically to ensure that edges do not overlap
nodes and keep a specifiable minimal distance between them. It is especially
well-suited for non-orthogonal, organic or cyclic layout styles.

The algorithm is based on a force directed layout
paradigm. Nodes act as repulsive forces on edges in order to guarantee a
certain minimal distance between nodes and edges. Edges themselves tend to
contract themselves. Using simulated-annealing this leads to edge layouts,
which are calculated for each edge separately. This algorithm will only work
correctly if there already is enough room between each pair of nodes in the
whole graph, i.e. there should be at least three times the minimal distance
room between two nodes.

Route Selected Edges Only

If this option is activated only selected edges will be considered for

Minimal Distance

This specifies the minimal allowed distance between nodes and edges.

Use Existing Bends

This option specifies whether existing bends should be used as an initial
solution for the new routing.

Route Only Necessary

If this option is activated only edges that violate the minimal distance
criterion will be rerouted.