Export to GraphMLViewer

yEd generates an HTML page on which the exported diagram is displayed using a Flash-based GraphMLViewer. For this
purpose, yEd generates the following files.

an HTML page wrapping the Flash-based GraphMLViewer
the exported diagram in GraphML format
a Javascript file which launches the GraphMLViewer
the GraphMLViewer. It can only run when invoked on the local machine.
a crossdomain policy file which allows the GraphMLViewer to access the GraphML file

Preview on the Local Machine only

yEd exports all needed files such that they can be viewed on the local machine without any changes by opening the HTML
file. The internet browser has to have the Adobe® Flash® Plugin version 9 or better installed.

Preparing the Files to be Viewed on a Web Server

The web-enabled version of the GraphMLViewer resides on the yWorks website. The Javascript file
GraphMLViewer.js automatically chooses the right version of the viewer. To integrate the exported files
into a web page and to allow a preview on a local machine, the following steps have to be taken.

can be used without any changes. Alternatively, in order to integrate the viewer into an existing target web page
the contents of the <body> element of [filename].html can be copied into the target web
the actual diagram. This file has to be placed into the same directory as [filename].html. Otherwise
the graphUrl parameter of the Javascript function RunPlayer() has to be adjusted
has to be placed into the same directory as [filename].html. Alternatively, the src
attribute of the referencing <script> element has to be adjusted.
This file is only necessary for previewing on a local machine. It has to reside in the same directory as [filename].html.
If you have write permissions on your web server’s root folder, place this file there or integrate it into an
existing crossdomain policy file (e.g. if the HTML file will be found under
www.foo.com/subfolder/viewer.html, the crossdomain file should be accessible under www.foo.com/crossdomain.xml).
If this is not possible, place the file in the same folder as the GraphML file. In that case it is possible that
users which use Flash Player 10.0 won’t have access to the GraphML file. If that is the case, please contact your
web server administrator. Further information is provided by Adobe in the following technical article.