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Webdings font does not display correctly

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I want to use symbols from Webdings, Wingdings and other similar fonts in my labels. I can use the Windows Character Map to find them, paste them as text labels, but they are displayed as boxes.

Other fonts work fine - what's the problem?
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You also need to actually select "Webdings", Wingdings", etc. as the font used for the label. To do that, select the label in question and choose the appropriate font name for the "Font Family" property in the properties view in yEd's lower right corner.
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That doesn't work. I know that the letter 'i' gives a circled (i) information symbol in Webdings. I type i as the label. The font is set to Dialog, so it shows as 'i'. Then I change the font to Webdings and it just shows a box. The same with Wingdings. Wide Latin shows 'i' again.
So some fonts don't show all their glyphs correctly. Could it be that Java issue I've seen mentioned in this forum?
Well, Java is indeed not able to properly display Webdings/Wingdings glyphs. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this problem.
Is this because of the FreeHEP library? If so, what glyphs can FreeHEP see? I could create my own font with the right symbols in it.
This problem is completely unrelated to FreeHEP VectorGraphics.
However, FreeHEP  does not support all fonts and unicode glyphs either. I.e. FreeHEP might be unable to display Webdings/Wingsdings glyphs, too - albeit for different reasons.
Thanks for your answer. The tool is great, fantastic for the price! Your support is always good.

I had an idea for getting more symbols in nodes. Using a simple node with an HTML label, and a Unicode HTML code.
So the label would be: <html><p style="text-align: center;">&#9762;</p></html>
(making sure to set the label alignment controls so that it centres correctly.
This page is a good reference:
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