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How to know what group I have opened while I am viewing or working with its content

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From time to time it has happened to me while I'm viewing or working with contents inside a group that I forget which group (or the name of the group) I have opened. Sometimes I even forget that I am immersed within the confinement of a group. And since the name doesn't get signalized or placed anywhere neither on the status bar nor on the structure view, It happens to me once in a while that I cannot identify what group I have opened unless I have a look at the icon "Back to the previous view" and get there. But this presents some usability inconveniences. It would be good that there were some ways the user could easily visualize the name of a group when the "View Group Content" is activated. From what I can tell, I have not found a way to make the name appear somewhere on the UI. Is there a solution to this or maybe I am missing something?
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Select one node in the current view then click on the selected node in the structure view (to give the focus back to the structure view) then use the "<-" left arrow key to select the parent node in the structure view.

Alternatively, make sure the "Neighborhood"/"Predecessors"/"Successors" context views are "Hierarchy Aware". In this case, these views will also display the parent node of the currently selected node.
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Notice: Three clicks and possibly a combination of keyword and mouse for the first alternative. The second, using "Neighborhood"/"Predecessors"/"Successors" is not very intuitive since it would be clear that most of the times the text will not be visible enough and the user will have to enlarge the view in order to be able to see the group/parent's name. Wouldn't it be easier to just make the parent's name appear somewhere while we are inside a group? This would be one of those features apparently easy to implement and that would make nothing but adding yEd some +Plus. Your comment back would be pretty welcomed.
Would you please be so kind and take the above as a honorable feature request? :)

I just cannot avoid thinking that there is something weird, quirky and unstandardized in not knowing at a glance what group I have opened while I am viewing or working with its content.

I know I can see the title using a "workaround" like the one you recommended but, believe me, on account of being considered a strange behavior.


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