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Is it possible to pre-encode images for use as node icons?

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I have several Excel sheets of Edge Lists and corresponding Node Information.  They have pictures for each node embedded in each spreadsheet row.

However, currently to display Images for each node I have to save the pictures to PNG files, drag the files into a custom section of the palette and then set up a property map for each node name to the corresponding image.

I can see in the GraphML file that there is some sort of encoded version of the node images, however, I can't figure out what it is.

Is there a way to include that "encoded" version of the image in my spreadsheet so yEd can use the graphic without needing to import them all and set up a property map beforehand?
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Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to import/load images from Excel spreadsheets in any way.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
As of yEd 3.16 it is possible to use yEd's properties mapper to set label icons from file names (that are stored in custom properties).
Any chance this will be part of a future yEd? Or is there a work around how to add Images to nodes using an excel or properties of Images?
  1. Create a column with image file names in your Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Import your spreadsheet.
  3. Use yEd's properties mapper to map the values of the image file name property to "Label Icon".

Since Excel import supports executing a pre-defined properties mapper configuration, this can be done in one go.

To replace node styles with image node styles in yEd, you have to

  1. Import your images into yEd as explained in How can I use my own node symbols in yEd?
  2. Add a column with (symbolic) image file names in your Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Import your spreadsheet.
  4. Use the "Template: Multiple" mapping in yEd's properties mapper to set the appropriate image node styles.
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