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Commercial Use of yED also for Product promotion ?

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is it allowed to use Graphs generated with yED for Product documentation and also for Product Promotion such as presentations for Customers or possibly even on trade shows ?

Can i also publish it on the Internet (for product promotion)?

Are there any 3rd Party Licences required (for the pictures) ?

are there any limits in these areas that apply ?

is it allowed to install yED on two or more PCs in the same company ?
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To quote from the related questions in this forum:

The usage of yEd is free of charge and one can even make use of yEd in a commercial environment for free. The diagrams that you create belong to you. You can use your diagrams in any way you like.

The yEd Software License Agreement explicitly forbids any distribution of yEd, that includes the automatic distribution to several systems of the same company. However, it is allowed to manually install yEd on as many systems of the same company as you like.

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