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Is it possible to copy properties from one shape to another?

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Is it possible to copy & paste (or simply 'paint') properties (such as colour, line-width etc) from one shape to another?


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You can use 'Apply' (from the context menu of a node template in a palette section) to do so. Note however, that all properties will be copied (see also the tooltip for the 'Apply' command).
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Sorry to be dim, but I don't understand what you mean. Can you describe in simple steps where I go and what I do to copy and paste properties from one shape to another? Many thanks
To copy all (visual) properties from a shape A to a shape B (both in the same editor window):
0) assuming nothing selected at this point
1) select A (single mouse click)
2) find B in the 'Current Elements' palette section in the Palette
3) open the context menu of B (mouse right-click)
4) choose 'Apply' from the context menu

(If you hover long enough over 'Apply', the tooltip will appear.)

See also this answer: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/246

(If A and B are in different editor windows, you could temporarily copy B to A's editor window.)
OK thanks.

On the up-side it's good that the ability to paste properties from one
shape into another does exist.

On the down-side the user-friendliness/intuitiveness of this is to be frank
absolutely shocking. Without pestering you guys it could have taken months
of use to discover that. Not good for business.

May I suggest something as simple as:
1) right-click on shape A ==> Copy properties   (to load the properties
from A)
2) right-click on shape B ==> Paste properties  (to past to paste
properties from A into B)

Trying to help

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