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Is it possible to change the default text layout in person node (family-tree)

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I am importing GEDCOM data.  On the family tree chart, the person name appears on two lines: Forename on line 1, Family name on line 2.  Is it possible to change this so that the name appears on a single line? I mean as the file is imported - I realise I can edit each node afterwards.  Also, is it possible to add more data to the person node from the GEDCOM file, for example place of birth?
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No, currently it is not possible to configure GEDCOM import to have given name and family name on one line.

Yes, it is possible to import all textual data from a GEDCOM file. Said data is converted to custom properties for the GEDCOM nodes. BIRT and DEAT tags are added as node labels as well.

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Thanks for the very quick response.
I will look at how to use custom properties!
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