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new user annoyances arrowheads, box interaction

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feature request/ annoyances

1 the arrowheads are annoying. i want to get rid of them, but there is no way to change the default, and there isn't even any way to select them all and change them all at once (except by shift clicking every single godamn one of them)


2 i am wasting a great deal of time doing stupid obvious things the program should be doing - resizing the box so the text will fit inside it; formatting the text to fit in the box because someone has never heard of "wrap text"; clicking like a madman to edit labels (new objects should have the label already highlighted and awaiting keyboard input)...


3 copy/paste on labels/text is unreliable at best
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Re 1
- selecting all edges: select one, then press Ctrl-A
- to change the default edge type to one with no arrowheads at all: in the "Palette", open the palette section "Edge Types", double-click on the first one (the one that has no arrowheads); new edges that you create will have no arrowheads
- to adjust edges that are already in a diagram: select all edges (see above), then in the "Properties View", under the "General" section, in the "Source Arrow" and "Target Arrow" dropdown change to the rendering that doesn't show an arrowhead

Re 2
- in the "Preferences" dialog ("File" menu > "Preferences..."), on the "Editor" tab, use options "Edit Label on Create Node", "Dynamically Adjust Node Size to Label Size"

Re 3
give an example

In general:
- see also: "Help" menu > "Help"
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re3 - oh, i see.... text works with ctrl c/v, but not with the buttons.
strange there is no right click menu.

i did try the help documents first.
thank you for the help :D
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