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Re2: Flowchart shapes still don't resize bigger than text with these settings.

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I am setting up a flowchart using that palette.  So far, even with the settings mentioned above selected, many of the shapes, especially those without 90 degree angles (ie: decision rhombus), still do not resize to be larger than the text (so text doesn't overlap the boundaries of the graphic).  Is there more that needs to be set?  

Is there a way to set internal margins for text within the shapes?

Is there a way to make text wrap and resize the shape?

Is there a way to make the edges point to the midpoint or corner of the shape rather than at the center of the shape?  It really looks odd compared to most flowchart styles.  

Thanks :)
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The "Dynamically Adjust Node Size to Label Size" option works with the rectangular bounding boxes of the shapes. For all other shapes, you will have to adjust the size manually.

The edge connection points can be adjusted in two ways. First you need to select an edge. Then either use the mouse to drag the little black square in the source or target node to the desired connection point or specify explicit source and target port coordinates in the properties view in yEd's lower right corner.


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