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Exporting View Group Content as HTML Flash Viewer renders Grouping's Previous View.

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Exporting to HTML Viewer works great until I try exporting a Group's "View Group Content".

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Menu File > New
  2. Add 4 nodes
  3. Connect all 4
  4. Select 2 of the nodes
  5. Menu Grouping > Group
  6. Menu Grouping > View Group Content (you should see nodes & connects from step 4)
  7. Menu File > Export
    1. Save As:  test
    2. File format: HTML Flash Viewer
    3. Save
      1. View size im HTML: Use Relative Size
      2. Region: Complete, or, Visible Region
  8. Launch test.html 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

(Mac OS 10.6.8 & Safari)


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1 Answer

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Hi Steven, thank you for your error report. I can reproduce this problem and added a corresponding task to our error tracker. Likely, this will be fixed in the next yEd release. 

Unfortunately, I haven't a good advice at the moment except for exporting into another format.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
Yes, this issue is fixed in the upcoming yEd 3.9.
Hi Michael,

Thanks for tracking the error. I'll export to PNG for now. Good luck on the next release.

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