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Add accept-time-event actions (UML 2)

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In reference to this question (click), my request is about adding this type of UML 2.0 actions, symbolized with a hourglass. It could be added to the default UML section.

UML 2.0 Accept Time Event Action


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1 Answer

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1. Open the "Shape Nodes" palette

2. Put the two triangles, one up and the other down

3. Change its colors

4. Flatten them a bit

5. Place them faced by the vertices

6. Select the triangle on the bottom with the right mouse button

7. Select "Convert to label"

8. Select the triangle on the top

9. Press F2 and add some text

10. Select this text and press the right mouse button

11. Press on "Properties"

12.On the Placement section put Model: Sandwitch, Position: South


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