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Export to emf don't activate antialiasing

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Export a yEd graph to emf format don't activate antialiased property, when i'm importing emf file into other program (like MS Word) the graph isn't antialiased, i think that is an important property that makes the document looks better.

MS Office don't have a good support to other formats, and is important to me use vectored graphics.

yEd 1.1

JRE 1.6.0_27

windows XP SP3

Office 2007
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1 Answer

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I am sorry, but i am not quite sure I understand your post. Are you asking for antialiasing support in EMF export? If so, I am afraid that does not make too much sense (to me). EMF is (as you know) a vector graphics format. Therefore antialiasing would have to be a feature of the viewer application (MS Word in your case), not the generator application (yEd). (Try to think of an EMF file as a set of drawing instructions, like "draw a line", "draw a curve".  How these instructions are realized is - more or less - up to the viewer application.)

by [yWorks] (160k points)
OK, I thought the same, but have not found any option in MS WORD about it. All EMF that I have (from MS VISIO and others) are displayed antialiased in MS WORD, only EMF files from yEd aren't displayed antialiased.
I supouse that it was an option in exported EMF file. If you search "emf antialiasing" in google there is a lot of forums with questions similar to this, and there is a lot of confusion with antialiased EMF. Of course there are many answers that say "is an option in the renderer", i don't know, but only EMF files from yEd aren't displayed antialiased into my MS WORD.
One way to solve this is to export to SVG from yEd, then open the SVG in Inkscape and save as EMF. This avoids the aliased look.
OK, it's a nice workaround :-)
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