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Closed, Opened and Closed group nodes

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When opening a group node it influences its surrounding area (including arrows, parent groups.. if doesnt fit).

Is there a way to have the same state (of its surrounding area) as before opening, when the group node is closed again?

Would be great.
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Yes, I experience a sort of random rerouting of connectors between group nodes when opening and closing one group node.
That's my problem, too. I understand that the pivot point (where closed and opened state share the same position) is fixed to the upper left edge of the node. But if you have a top to bottom tree structure, a pivot point in the center of the node (or where the connector points to) would be much better and should prevent connectors going havoc.

1 Answer

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I agree. That's really annoying to be forced to re-layout the graph each time we open/close a group.
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