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How to apply the default group shape to the properties mapper ?

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Can you please explain in more detail what you are looking for? I am afraid, the current wording of your question does not make sense (to me).
When I initially load the Excel import without applying a layout (choosing layout none in the presentation tab), the default node shape is properly applied; however, if the Excel sheet is reloaded and a layout is applied (choosing for example Hierarchical in the presentation tab), the default group style is replaced by another style.
I am afraid, I cannot reproduce this problem. When I import an Excel file, the group node style is properly set for me no matter if "Layout" is set to "None" or "Hierarchical".

As I mentioned below, Excel import is fairly complex. Please provide the information I asked for in the comment below. Without said information, there is no way for me to help you.

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According to instructions :

Setting Defaults
Default representations for the nodes or edges of a graph can be defined by double-clicking a respective sample in any of the sections of the palette. When a new node or edge is created in the editor window, the currently active default representation is used to define the visual characteristics of the graph element. The defaults for closed groups and for open groups can be set in the same way.
My default group node is not applied when I reload the Excel file using the file menu ( I use the menu item "file > recent documents"  and locate the file last loaded ).

So, you are actually trying to import an Excel file.

Excel import is fairly complex and requires quite a bit of configuration. As a result it is impossible to know what is going wrong without knowing the data to be imported, the Excel import settings, and the properties mapper configurations used during import (if any).

Please consider uploading a sample Excel file (please do not upload confidential data) and your properties mapper configurations as well as screenshots of your Excel import settings (both tabs).
Additionally, please tell us which version of yEd you are using and on which operating system you are using yEd.

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