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Installation without admin rights

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It would be very useful if yEd Graph could be installed without admin rights.
closed with the note: This feature is available since yEd 3.9
asked Nov 7, 2011 in Finished Features by sschweizer (550 points)
recategorized Jun 14, 2012 by thomas

2 Answers

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As pointed out below by sschweizer, the yEd setup program can be used without admin rights since version 3.9.

Of course, the user must have write permission for the target folder of the installation, for example, it's typically not possible to install yEd in 'C:\Programs' without these rights.
answered May 7, 2012 by michael [yWorks] (26,550 points)
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Therefore you may use the jar version. You'll just lack the file-extention-assignment to run graphml files by double click, but you could make your own extention-link

-> jawaw.exe -jar pathtoyedjar\yed.jar %1


that might help you with that. Settings are stored in %appdata% in both versions, so you don't need to adjust anything besides the extention as far as I know.
answered May 7, 2012 by zerbsama (320 points)
Thank you for your answer but this is no more necessary. Since in the meantime the new yED Graph versions allow installation without admin rights.
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