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Print to PDF: Ugly pixeled artefacts

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When I "print" to a PDF driver,I have nice "printing features" like heater, footer and so on - and some ugly, pixeled image-artefacts  sad

When I "export to PDF", I have wonderful vector resolution - but no "printing features"

How to use both advantages and avoid both disadvantages?

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1 Answer

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If your PDF driver produces raster images instead of vector graphics, this is a shortcoming of the PDF driver (yEd does issue vector graphics to print jobs).

If you need header, footer, or any other decoration for PDF export, you could try to add nodes to your diagram that represent those decorations (and delete those nodes again after export is done).
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Thomas, thanks for quick reply.
I saw that the pixels appear (on entire drawing) when a node has two different fill-colors. Are these areas also issued as vectors by your software?
Yes. When two fill colors are specified for a node, these colors define a gradient paint which is issued as a gradient paint directive to the print job. On the yEd side, printing works exactly the same as rendering on screen or exporting to SVG, PDF, etc.
Essentially it works like so: yEd issues paint directives to the print job, the print job processes the directives and passes them on to the printer driver, the printer driver processes the directives and passes them on to the printer (or a file as in your case). yEd controls only the first step by "deciding" what paint directives are issued. Everything else is out of yEd's control.
Instead of directly printing to PDF, you could try to export to SVG and use a dedicated SVG editor application to convert the resulting SVG document to PDF.
Thanks Thomas
OK for me.

Hi Thomas
I asked the PDF-company - they say that Windows is modifying the print-data.
Interesting ...
Interesting, but also the worst case because this means only Microsoft would be able to improve the situation and I do not think they will do that.
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