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How to draw a line that is not an edge connector

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This may seem silly but I have been searching for a way just to be able to draw a straight line without it being connected to a node. Also I have a rounded rectangle which I would like to draw some lines through it to devide it up. Is this easily done?



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You cannot have "free lines" in yEd. However, you can fake a "free line" by connecting two invisible nodes. The easiest way to create an invisible node is to create a simple rectangularnode and set its "Fill Color" and "Line Color" to "No Color".

How easy it is to customize a round rectangle with additional lines depends on what lines you need. Can you upload a mock-up that shows what you want to achieve? (To create a mock-up, create a round rectangle in yEd, export to an image format such as JPG or PNG, open the image in an image editing application such as the GIMP, Microsoft Paint, or Adobe Photoshop, and add the desired lines.)
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I figure out a way to draw a line and make a uml-like symbol. I just drug a rounded rectangle onto the page from the nodes list. Then I grabbed a flowchart process box and flattened it out like a pancake and then stretched it to touch the sides using the alignment gridlines. Still not perfect, I grouoped it and the two pieces didn't resize as one.

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You can use an additional label to create the desired separators:

  1. Create a round rectangle node.
  2. Right-click the node to open its context menu, choose "Add Label". (Be sure to add some dummy text so you can select the new label.)
  3. CTRL-click the new label to select it.
  4. Change "Border" to e.g. black.
  5. Change "Size" to "Fit Node Width".
  6. Change Placement to "Internal: Top".
  7. Change "Distance" to e.g. 40.
  8. Change "Insets" to e.g. "20 2 20 2".

Sample GraphML.

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Thank you for  your reply.
Here is a picture of what I wished to draw but I believe I was wrong to select yEd for my applications. I wanted to draw flow charts, old style state diagrams,  a couple of UML diagrams, and be able to draw separator lines.
However I did draw a flowchart for a current project at work. It was quick and fairly easy (had to watch video again to get the Function key defs). All in all much easier and quicker than my struggles with PowerPoint.
Teas all round the canteen,

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