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Paint Details Threshold per Label? Possible?

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The flowcharts I'm currently working on are quite large with a lot of small text.
To be able to quickly navigate to a section, and know what the content is, before zooming in, I have larger parent labels.

This works very well with increased Paint Details Threshold, but that also means there is a significant performance impact.


My question is, is there a way to have a dynamic threshold based on the font size? So smaller fonts disappear faster and larger ones still render when zoomed out?

And if not, are there other alternatives to be able to read the graphic at such zoomed out scale without having to zoom in constantly to read the text? Maybe a 'force label rendering' at any scale?

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1 Answer

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Paint Details Threshold is a global setting - there is currently no  way to have different thresholds depending on font size (or any other criterion for that matter).

Well, if there is only one label per node, you could simply move the mouse over the node whose label you want to read and wait for the node's tool tip to appear. This will also work at zoom levels below the threshold where no label text is shown.
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Thanks for the quick reply.
The problem with the tooltip is that you still can't have an overview of what all the group options are, just per label. It's still just faster to zoom in and out or just use your 'magnifying glass' (/ shortcut) feature.

I also tried to create a symbol from text, in the hope that it would still render at the more zoomed out levels but unfortunately, it also gets a simplified version.

Any other tricks I could try? And are there any plans in the near future to implement a feature that could possibly fix this issue?
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