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How do I set a custom property and values for shapes in a custom palette?

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I've taken the "Flowchart" palette and made it a document. From there, I created a "Type" custom property for the nodes and assigned about half of the shapes a value. (Start, end, message, decision, etc). However when I try to re-integrate the document into the palette the property values have reverted back to the default values for all the shapes. The colours I've set for the nodes have remained. (Which is sort of a moot point because I have my properties manager assign node colours based on the data "Type" values.)
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Unfortunately, yEd's palette cannot be used to associate custom properties to node/edge templates. Neiher is it possible to use the palette to set template specific default values for certain properties. The reason for this is the fact that custom properties are defined for a diagram, not for distinct nodes and/or edges. I.e. if you define a new node property, all the nodes in the current diagram have that property.
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I did manage to set a custom property to the nodes and have a default value set in a custom template. When I add the nodes to a new document the custom property was there -- which is half of what I was aiming to do, which I suppose is not all bad. :)  Thanks for your help.
Really? I would be very interested to learn how you did that.
Hm, after stepping though my actions to re-create what I did, I find it doesn't work as I thought. ;)

The custom data fields are bound to the document and not the palette. (I brought one of my custom shapes to a new document and there was no custom data field, and I brought a shape from an unused palette ("People") into my existing document and there did exist my custom data field.)
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