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Yed keeps forgetting Z order

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Hello all,

whenever I have overlapping elements in a graphic, I use the "raise selection" and "lower selection" context menu items to change the Z order. However, whenever I re-load the diagram from disk, it turns out that Yed has forgotten the  Z order. This is a terrible p.i.t.a. , I am considering going back to Visio. Or am I doing something totally wrong?

Kind regards,

asked May 18, 2012 in Help by bobokonijn (150 points)

2 Answers

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Fixed as of yEd 3.11.1.
answered Oct 23, 2013 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (127,030 points)
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yEd actually does not store z order at all.  It is optimized for diagrams that have either a nesting structure (i.e. if one node lies completely inside another node, the outer node should be a group node with the inner node assigned to it) or no overlapping nodes at all. (Basically the types of diagrams that can be created by yEd's layout algorithms.)
answered May 18, 2012 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (127,030 points)
That's too bad - this lack of Z-order makes it all but unusable for me.

Often I want to display a table on top of another symbol (such as a picture of a database server). After re-loading the file from disk, the table is suddenly hidden below the server symbol. I really want the database server symbol to be my "group".
Add Storing of z- Order to yEd
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