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Error: The entity name must follow the '&'

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I am getting error while opening the file..

I have uploaded the file on the google drfive ND THE LINK IS BELOW.


Please reply ASAP of what could be the possible reason the error might be coming?

I am handling all XML characters and working in the c# code to generate the diagram.

string sNodeLabel = flowchartObject.nodes[iObjFC].name
                            .Replace("'", "'").Replace(">", ">")
                            .Replace("<", "&lt;").Replace("\"", "&quot;")
                            .Replace("&", " &amp; ");
                        string sNodeIDText = flowchartObject.nodes[iObjFC].id.ToString()
                            .Replace("'", "&apos;").Replace(">", "&gt;")
                            .Replace("<", "&lt;").Replace("\"", "&quot;")
                            .Replace("&", " &amp; ");


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1 Answer

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Well, the XML you generate is invalid. XML text may not contain standalone '&' characters. (Since '&' signals the start of a character entity, a '&' literal has to be represented by the corresponding character entity '&amp;' as well.)
by [yWorks] (158k points)
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