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Quick Data Import/Entry

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It would be nice if you could import a list of data items as nodes.

Example methods:

"Tab-Delimited" or "Comma-Delimited" files would have each item imported as a single node using the default style.

Pasting a section of text into the "Structure View" would create a node for each paragraph based on the text pasted.

Also if in the "Structure View" you could quickly enter nodes similar to Google Tasks present method.

Example: Select "Structure View" and start typing. This will create a new node with whatever text is entered. When you press Enter/Return then it will create that node and start a new one. This way you could quickly type and enter several nodes.
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1 Answer

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yEd contains already some features that are similar to your ideas.

To quickly create a new node that is similar to the currently selected one, you can use the Duplicate (Control + D) or Add Child (Control + W) commands. To enter/change the label text, either press F2 or activate the setting Edit Label on Create Node in yEd's preferences (section Editor). Since yEd maintains an appropriate selection, you can repeat this steps as often as you wish without the need to touch the mouse.

To import plain text data like line-based files and tab- or comma-separated files, I propose to convert them to Excel format first and then use yEd's Excel import feature.

Nethertheless, we'll consider these ideas since they are more convenient.

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