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Some options for when Lines and Labels collide?

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Sometimes I would like for label to be on a side where lines are coming in.

For example:


I know I can in settings>display>edge path clip control how tight the lines get to object, but its global and sometimes makes the overall look worse for the sake of few labels.

  • Is there a way to do the clipping only on selected lines?
  • Or is there a way to tell a line to fade/dissapear when colliding with lable?
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No to both of your questions.

You could try to assign a solid white background to your labels though. (This way, it looks like the line right before the label and continues right after.)

Another option would be to specify a preferred placement to the left or right of the edge for each label (see option "Preferred Placement" in the properties view) and arrange the graph with an algorithm that supported integrated edge labeling. (For example, the hierarchic layout offers this, see option "Edge Labeling" on tab "Labeling".)
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THNX, will check out, Background solution seems pretty neat and simple


I also figured out I can juts move the edge bit once its done, but no snaplines. But can adjust numericly in properties.


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