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How to get DXF file?

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I need to derive a DXF file from my yEd file. I need to annotate this DXF file in a 2D CAD program.

I have tried several PDF -2-CAD converters, but they do not seem to work with the yEd output.

Can you advise a way to get a DXF output?
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1 Answer

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This should work: 1. Install pstoedit 2. Install the pstoedit plugins for SVG support 3. Export your yEd graph as an SVG file 4. Use the command line to run: pstoedit INFILE.SVG OUTFILE.DXF. This may also work with a PDF export from yEd, but in my experience the SVG export is the best. I have not tried a DXF conversion, but this process works to convert to other vector formats, and pstoedit supports DXF as an output.
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