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Can I align just those nodes that I have selected?

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Is there any way to do simple aligments of just those nodes (i.e. text boxes) which I have selected?

e.g. I would like to do very simple alignments such as "Align nodes to the left, and make them equi-spaced vertically".

yEd seems to over a large number of ways of aligning but it all seems to affect the entire diagram.

Many thanks

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1 Answer

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"Edit" -> "Align Nodes" -> "Align Left", "Edit" -> "Align Nodes" -> "Distribute Vertically"
by [yWorks] (133k points)
Perfect. Many thanks.

Is it just me or wouldn't the "Align Nodes" menu be better placed within the top level menu item "Layout"?

Fwiw, I spent a long time looking at
   Layout ==> Selection Partial
but to no avail!
Same for me!
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