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Bug - my yEd popups are unreadable due to their black backgrounds(!)

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I have a bug. All my popups seem to have black grounds. This makes them unreadable. e.g. If I click Help ==> About yEd, all I can read is the OK button.

I have just downloaded yEd for windows from here:
i.e yEd version ""

Running on Windows 8.1

Any thoughts?




OK, I have now installed yEd onto a different Windows 8.1 computer (my laptop)P, and those black backgrounds are not happening. 

Do you have any idea what could be going wrong on my main PC - as I have already tried to re-install yEd twice on my main PC... Do I need to reinstall some library items or something. I have already run Windows Update and have installed all updates (apart from Window 10!). Prior to the second re-install I uninstalled Java first to see if that would help - as I see that yEd does use Java....

The strange thing is that the black background doesn't appear every single time. And if I do a mouse-over of any actual buttons in the popup, then those bottons will suddenly appear out of the black!

Any suggestions?

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There are several different versions of yEd for Windows:


Make sure you use the one whose "bitness" matches that of your windows installation and comes with an embedded JRE. (I.e. install yEd- on a 32bit Windows installation and yEd- on a 64bit Windows installation.)

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That seemed to work for a while... but nope the black backgrounds are appearing in the Properties window   [grr]

I have Windows 8.1 x64 I tried installing the x32 version, but same problem.

EDIT: I even tried downloading and installing Java separately (Java SE Runtime Environment 8u92) and installing the version that does not have JRE, but that had the same problem - if anything it is worse and goes wrong more frequently.

I even tried installing over the top of the x64 installation, which allowed me to put yEd into a different directory but.... SAME PROBLEM!

The slight clue is that even after I uninstall, yEd seems to have remembered that I wanted grey dashed lines to the default. i.e. It is NOT uninstalling cleanly.  I tried removing lines from REGEDIT that contained yEd but that didn't seem to make any difference.   :^[

Any other suggestions?
Sorry but that didn't work. Any other suggestions - I am getting increasingly desperate...!


Re EDIT02:
yEd keeps its settings in its profile directory. For a complete uninstall, delete the profile directory manually.

That said, none of yEd's settings are responsible for the black backgrounds in the dialogs.

Since the problem persists even with the correct version of yEd when it comes to 32bit/64bit, this is a Java/hardware problem. Either your graphics card (or graphics card driver) is broken or Java simple does not work with your graphics card (or graphics card driver).

Crikey. Well my graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5770 on Win8.1) said it had the latest version but I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. No change.  So then I uninstalled absolutely everything to do with my AMD graphics card and installed a completely new version (AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition v16.2.1 instead of  AMD Catalystâ„¢ v15.7.1). I also deleted the yEd profile directory. Then I reinstalled yEd yEd-, but still no good. Finally I thought I'd try one last thing: I uninstalled that, again deleted the yEd profile directory and re-installed yEd-

And guess what? No black backgrounds. Hallelujah!! (and phew!)
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