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Simple text and editor

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yED is a really beautiful application, i compared to other availabe .. but don't you think that adding texts (like remarks, plain text sections etc) should be a core function of yED?

Today i was struggeling some hours to find out how such task can be accomplished, but there is none.

Even node labels can not be edited by singe word. And all i want to do, is formatting my "Remarks" texts.. some green & red words within a note.

It's sad to see that you did not think about a basic functionallity and i have to use different app for my work
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This seems to be very similar to the following request, which already has some votes: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/96
I have the same opinion. It would be useful to be able to write text and place it on the sheet freely.

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Node and edge labels support HTML. E.g. to get some red and green words use something along the lines of <html><body><font color="#FF0000">Red Text</font><br><font color="#00FF00">Green Text</font><br></body></html>
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Puh, that are a lot of commands just for some simple text formating
I must use html markup for having a simple red, green color :-) ?
and where do i place this text? Within a node, which needs editing as well to have "readable" background and layout?
Such time conpsuption for a simple task?
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