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Move nodes without first needing to select them

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Current situation:

If I want to move a node, I have to select the node before I can drag it around. If I start dragging a node without selecting it first, I create a new edge instead of moving the node.


Annoyed user. More seriously, this is holding several of my team's members back from adopting the product.

Requested situation:

The option (possibly a configuration flag) to move nodes without the need to first select them. In orde to create a new edge, I would first select a node and then start dragging the new edge from it.


After creating my inital diagram, dragging nodes around is done a lot. much more than creating new edges. So it would be most usefull if dragging nodes was the most easy option.


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Although I agree with this, rather than (or as well as) having a preference option, a key modifier would be good to me. e.g. click and drag to draw an edge, shift and click-drag to move (or the other way round, controllable by a preference)
It would make the usage more convenient.

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This was already asked for in 2013

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