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Moving nodes

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Current behavior: If I drag a node without selecting it, an edge is created.

The behavior that I want: If I drag a node without selecting it, the node should move.

Motivation: Most of the times when I try to move a node, I end up creating an edge. This is because I drag the node before selecting it.

On windows platform, selecting a node take times (its in milli seconds but still becomes noticeable).

Is there any way to achieve the desired behavior.
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This would be my most wanted change. I *frequently* create an edge when I meant to drag the node.

yEd is fantastic by the way. Thank you guys for creating it!

2 Answers

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Unfortunately, there is currently no way to achieve the desired behavior.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
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The desired behavior I want is: if u click drag (without the need to select) it will move the node, as the OP want. Then, to create an edge, u should use a modifier key, lets say ctrl drag. I know the orthogonal edges will not be allowed in this way, but we dont need it at the stage of creating nodes: the customization of edges are usually done after we have some nodes, and we would still be able to do it simply dragging the edges as we do currently. Please add this. Best software EVER, thank you so much guys!
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