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Southbeach Notation Symbols

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Has anyone managed to create a palette for Southbeach Notation?


I started down the road with simply altering rectangle colours, &c., but the double walled rectangle stumped me since you can't group without creating a group node.  If there were a double line style, perhaps I could get there, but the edges are a bigger problem.

asked Dec 8, 2015 in Help by moncai (180 points)
recategorized Dec 9, 2015 by thomas.behr

1 Answer

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I take it you are referring to the "Surplus" symbol from the linked reference. You can use the "Weak Entity" template from yEd's "Entity Relationship" palette section for this symbol.
answered Dec 9, 2015 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (125,380 points)
Yes, that one works for surplus.  Now I just need

* focus of attention (highlight of border
* 11 of the 16 basic edges

Well, the "Focus of Attention" node may be achieved with a creative use of HTML formatted label text:

Corresponding GraphML.

Custom edges, however, are currently not supported. The only option here seems to be working with labeled default edges.

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