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SVG export completely broken

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The SVG export of this diagram I created in yED 3.14.4 is comletely broken. The PDF and PNG exports are fine, except the black OS cliparts become bitmaps. I tried to view it in IE, Edge, FF, Opera, Chrome and Inkscape to no avail. I run updated Win10 Education 64bit.

the SVG file

my VTd_diagram.graphml file


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Thank you for reporting this problem. We will investigate this issue.

That said, SVG export is not "complete broken" - it works very well for a lot of use cases (including diagrams with SVG nodes). E.g. exporting yEd's native nodes always works - and yEd's "People" and "Computer Network" palette sections are SVG nodes as well.

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I have a same problem, can you tell me how to set SVG icons to fixed ratio?
Press and hold SHIFT while resizing nodes (including SVG nodes) to keep the node's aspect ratio. Other than that there is no explicit setting for keeping aspect ratios.
I know but when I export as *.svg then 3 of my icons go rouge. See this http://prntscr.com/aaaj8e. I have more svg incons there but only 3 of them are  bad-big.

Thank you very much for the screen shot.

Well, due to the way SVG works, it is impossible to determine what is going wrong without the original SVG documents and the exported document (or a GraphML file with the diagram to export) and knowing which application you use for viewing the exported SVG document.

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