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how to break a flow chart to multiple pages for export to pdf

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I have created a large flow chart. when I export it to a PDF the char gets resized and shrunk to fit on one page. How do I make it create multiple pages where I want the pages to be? Some of them will have small sections some will be larger sections of the chart...

Thank you

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Although it is possible to split your diagram over multiple pages on export, there is no way to specify what part of the diagram will be on which page.

If you want to try automatic splitting nonetheless, disable option "Automatic Page Settings" on tab "PDF" and enable option "Activate Tiling" on tab "Tiling" in the PDF Export settings.

If you absolutely need full control on which part of the diagram will be on which page, you will have to export each page separately with option "Region" on tab "Clipping" set to "Visible Region". Of course, this also means that you need to adjust  the view port of the editor such that only the part of the diagram you want to export is visible.
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Sorry to come back on this answer, but I don't succeed on exporting to a multiple page pdf
Please explain in more detail which of the two approaches above you are using and what problems you are experiencing.
Can I send screenshots?

Yes, of course. Either "edit" or "answer" your original post

and use the "Image" button from the editor toolbar

to upload and include screen shots.

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