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Group vertices by property

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I import a graphml file from R (igraph). Vertex properties are saves in the data tab and I use the "properties mapper" to change color, labels, ... of vertices.

One of the datafields contains a string that indicates to which group each vertex belongs. How can I use this to automatically group the vertices according to this Data field?
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1 Answer

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In the Excel import settings, specify the corresponding column in "Column of Group Node IDs" in section "Node List" on tab "Data.
by [yWorks] (152k points)
I'm not importing from Excel but a graphml or gml file from R. Can I use this feature without Excel?
Sorry, misread your post. Unfortunately, the feature you are looking for is only available in Excel import. The best you can do without Excel import is selecting your group property in yEd's structure view, select subsequent nodes with the same property value in the structure view, and use "Edit" -> "Group" or CTRL+ALT+G.
ok, thanks.
maybe this feature could be included in any future version..? Should be easy to integrate it in the "Properties Mapper", if it is already implemented...
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