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How do I make nodes grow in height based on the word-wrapped contents?

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I have set all of my nodes to a width of 150.  I have entered a lot of text in their labels.  I then set all of the nodes' properties to label->size->fit node width and label->size->cropping.  I have file->preferences->editor->dynamically adjust node size to label size checked.  I then tools->fitnode to label and check ignore width and make sure ignore height is unchecked.  I then hit okay and my labels still overflow their nodes.

Is there a way I can have all my nodes X width, and then have all their heights fluctuate based on the label (which needs to be set to wrap words automatically)?  From reading through this site, I thought my above steps would solve it, but it isn't.  What am I doing wrong?  Is height-adjustable nodes with word wrapping not supported in yEd?
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The "Fit Node to Label" tool supports height adjustments for configuration "Cropping" and size "Fit Node Width" as of yEd 3.14.3.

by [yWorks] (160k points)
Perfect!  I just tested it.  You guys are great!
Is there a way to automatically fit the node to the height of the label?
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Unfortunately, the "Fit Node to Label" tool currently does not support height adjustments for configuration "Cropping" and size "Fit Node Width".
by [yWorks] (160k points)
Is there an alternate strategy that would provide a similar result?  (A fixed or maximum width with flexible height?  Preferably with automatic word wrapping?)
I am afraid, no. Currently, there is no workaround for this shortcoming in yEd.
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