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How do I make the content fit the symbol

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How do I make the content fit the symbol, although there is a feature within the properties


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Do you need automatic line wrapping? For this, in the Properties View, in section Label set the option Configuration to 'Cropping'. Additionally, make sure that the label box has the size of the node as described in this discussion: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/766

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This option should come preconfigured as default
Cropping is not really word wrapping.
can you provide an example please. I am using 3,12 version
Yes, enter a long label text and follow the steps described above :-)
Shift  + Enter Helps
Really, there is word wrapping. Set the cropping mode and make sure that the label size is set to "fit node".
*set the option Configuration to 'Cropping' AND Set the cropping mode to "fit node" - should be default........... AND IT STILL DOESN'T WORK ON CIRCLES........  AND IT STILL DOESN'T WORK ON AN "ENTITY WITH ATTRIBUTES" (and probably others)...... and Cropping is not word wrapping.
Right, you can indeed automatically crop the text of a node after you edit these settings, but the text is stuck to the top of the node. If it was set in the middle it would be fine. What for example Scapple does, is what I think many would appreciate.
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Have you tried:

File ==> Preferences ==> Editor ==> "Dynamically adjust node size to label size" ?

It took me a while to find it... but I find it extremely useful.

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