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GEDCOM tags not in custom properties

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Hello, I tried to import a *.ged file into yEd 3.9

This works but I see only the names as labels. From the help I thought that all the other data is written to custom properties. But there aren't any!

How is this supposed to wok?

closed with the note: This bug was corrected in yEd 3.9.1
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1 Answer

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The tags don't appear in the labels.

Select a node and have a look at the data section of the properties view.

But me too would like to have customisable labels. Perhaps with some html template that takes gedcom tag-paths as variables.
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Hi jo,
I know that I should look under "data" since the tags ought to be custom properties. But there are none in my case. I tried various GEDCOM files. BTW seems that yEd can at least determine male/female and the family relationships ....
On the import wizard I did check all checkboxes (under "Include Tags" there is only "Include all").
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