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Bug: copy+paste of group pastes into group container

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Copy+paste of group pastes into a group container, tested using yEd 3.14.2 on Windows 7.

Before: Select all objects including the parent container

Then press Ctrl+C, select nothing or select another node, then press Ctrl+V.


The objects are pasted into the original container, causing its geometry to be changed. It should paste the objects into the root drawing instead.

Please fix.

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If there is a group node at the location where you paste elements, the pasted elements will automatically be assigned to that group node.

Now, if you use CTRL+V for pasting, yEd chooses the paste location close to the original (copy) location. If there happens to be a group node at the chosen location, the pasted elements end up being assigned to that group node. If you do not want that to happen, then you need to tell yEd where to paste the elements. This is done by opening yEd's context menu on empty space and choosing "Paste" from the context menu.
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ok, that's a good workaround.

>Now, if you use CTRL+V for pasting, yEd chooses the paste location close to the original (copy) location.

That seems like a poor choice; I can't remember any instance ever where I would want to copy an object and paste it right at the same location. Why not the location of the cursor?
Because if you have already moved the mouse to a suitable position, it stands to reason that you would use the mouse to paste the copied elements instead of switching to the keyboard. And consequently if you use the keyboard, the mouse cursor position is most likely not a well-chosen position either.

And just to be clear, the CTRL+V does not paste elements "right at the same location", it pastes them *close* to the location of the copied elements.
Um, okay. Those assumptions seem questionable, but whatever. I use both mouse and keyboard, preferring keyboard shortcuts to right-clicking, and preferring to use the mouse to locate something rather than the keyboard.
Just place a temporary node outside the group, select the group + the new node.
Copy-Paste will create a copy outside the group.
Afterwards delete the temporary nodes.
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